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Analytical Elements of Mechanisms

By: Crocker, Malcolm J; Marghitu Dan B

Price: $55.20

Publisher: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press: 2001

Edition: First Printing

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Condition: New

Mechanisms are fundamental components of machines. They are used to transmit forces and momentum and to manipulate objects in industrial machinery, robots, automobiles, aircraft, mechatronics devices and biomechanical systems. A knowledge of the kinematic and dynamic properties of mechanisms is essential for their design and control. This book describes methods and algorithms for the analysis of kinematic systems. Beginning with basic concepts, the book then discusses a variety of problem solving approaches and computational techniques. Its distinctive feature is its focus on the contour equat... View more info

Automatic Sequences Theory, Applications, Generalizations

By: Allouche, Jean-Paul; Shallit, Jeffrey

Price: $34.96

Publisher: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press: 2003

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 003509

Condition: New

Uniting dozens of disparate results from different fields, this book combines concepts from mathematics and computer science to present the first integrated treatment of sequences generated by the simple model of computation called the finite automaton. The authors develop the theory of automatic sequences and their generalizations, such as Sturmian words and k-regular sequences. Further, they discuss applications to number theory (particularly formal power series and transcendence in finite characteristic) , physics, computer graphics, and music. Results are presented from the first principle... View more info

Mathematical Illustrations a Manual of Geometry and Postscript

By: Casselman, Bill

Price: $33.12

Publisher: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press: 2005

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 003505

Condition: New

This practical introduction to the techniques needed to produce high-quality mathematical illustrations is suitable for anyone having modest acquaintance with coordinate geometry. The author combines a completely self-contained, step-by-step introduction to the graphics programming language PostScript with advice on what goes into good mathematical illustrations, chapters showing how good graphics can be used to explain mathematics, and a treatment of all the mathematics needed to make such illustrations. The many small, simple graphics projects can also be used in courses in geometry, graphic... View more info