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Image for Otherworldly: Optical Delusions and Small Realities

Otherworldly: Optical Delusions and Small Realities

By: McFadden, David Revere

Price: $46.00

Publisher: Museum of Arts and Design: 2011

Seller ID: 004487

This book is still wrapped in publishers plastic. Featured is contemporary work by about 35 preeminent visual artists who have generated new interest in this art form. It is a diverse group of international practitioners, ranging from sculptors and painters to photographers and videographers. This fully illustrated book includes an essay by exhibition curator David McFadden, which traces dioramas and visual illusions in the history of visual arts. Also included are artis... View more info

Image for Fauve Birds, Butterflies, and Flowers

Fauve Birds, Butterflies, and Flowers

By: Artists

Price: $14.72

Publisher: Germany, Konemann: 1999

Seller ID: 003905

NEW-The Fauves were the sensation of Paris in the early years of the 20th century. A group of artists surrounding Matisse, they earned their name - which literally means "wild beast" - for their use of intense, arbitrary color. When Diaghilev's Ballets russes took Paris by storm in 1909, , the costumes designed by Leon Bakst in a Fauvist manner set off a fashion rage that was to last through the 1920s. These brilliant textile designed, created mostly in Paris bet... View more info

I Paesaggi (Landscapes)

By: Delafosse, Claude

Price: $26.68

Publisher: 1994

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 003821

This is a wonderful little art book, one of a set, that features Landscapes. Written in Italian, most of the pages include a landscape from a famous artist (indicated) . Some have different views on each page, and the middle page has a window to view the same area in different ways. There are a few pages that are cleart for interesting parts or the whole of a painting; one Magritte painting shows how he perfectly paints a scene out of the window. All are very interesting... View more info

Vincent Van Gogh

By: Grange Books

Price: $9.20

Publisher: Hoo, United Kingdom, Grange Books: 2005

Seller ID: 003753

Beautifully illustrated on heavy paper with not only Van Gogh's most popular works but many lesser known pieces. Each has a description with the name, year, size, and who the painting is owned by. Essays are included regarding his life and work and how intertwined they were. Van Gogh is considered the incarnation of the suffering, misunderstood martyr of modern art, the emblem of the artist as an outsider. The works are recreated faithfully with rich coloring. The book i... View more info

Japan: a History in Art

By: Jansen, Marius B. ; Asana, Nagatake

Price: $27.60

Publisher: New York, NY, Simon & Schuster: 1964

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 003980

This beautiful book presents the history of Japan through twenty centuries - as seen, remembered and recorded by her artists. The Japanese vision of life, in its richness, delicacy and complexity of pattern, is captured and clarified here as never before. Japan's history is projected not only through a brilliant historical narrative but also an array of art treasures newly photographed in color in Japan's museums, Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and private collections,... View more info

Michelangelo & the Pope's Ceiling

By: King, Ross

Price: $14.26

Publisher: New York, Walker & Company: 2003

Edition: First American Edition

Seller ID: 002477

This is the book about how Michelangelo came to be involved with the Sistine chapel, how the chapel came to be, and his relationship with Pope Julius II. The Pope had planned to have his body kept in a great tomb designed by Michelangelo. However, when it was discovered that the Vatican was out of true by six feet, he determined that the place he had chosen, St. Peters, was in no fit state to accommodate such an impressive monument. In his usual grand way, Pope Julius II... View more info

Image for Russian Lacquer Legends and Fairy Tales: Volume 2

Russian Lacquer Legends and Fairy Tales: Volume 2

By: Maxym, Lucy

Price: $25.76

Publisher: Manhasset, NY, Corners Of The World Inc: 1986

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 004191

This book is written by a foremost authority on Russian Lacquer Painting. This second volume completes the scope of the legends and fairy tales which are used as subject matter by the Masters of this 20th century art form. New themes, forms, colors and techniques are shown. The majority of the over 100 exquisite paintings reproduced here were commissioned especially for this book. Black cloth with gilt lettering covers the boards. The pictorial jacket opens to one large ... View more info

The History of Art in Pictures : Western Art from Prehistory to the Present

By: Plazy, Gilles

Price: $13.80

Publisher: New York, Ny, U. S. A., Michael Friedman Publishing Group, Incorporated: 2003

Edition: Second Printing

Seller ID: 001143

A beautiful volume of paintings from all over the world, some easily recognizable, others from private collections and more unusual. This breathtaking book is for art lovers who want to educate themselves a little more deeply about Western art and its evolution, from prehistory to today. Included is an authoritative text and wonderful four-color reproductions; this volume offers an illuminating selection of the masterpieces of the Western tradition. The DJ on all corners... View more info

Image for Masterpieces of American Painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Masterpieces of American Painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

By: Salinger, Margaretta

Price: $24.84

Publisher: New York, NY, Random House: 1986

Seller ID: 004023

As the Metropolitan Museum of Art has the finest collection of American paintings in the world, this selection of 100 masterpieces by 67 artists represents the highlight of American paintings, and the highlight of the Museum collection. Not a general survey, the book covers painting in America from the colonial period to World War I, ending with the group of artists known as The Eight. 35 paintings are reproduced not only in full but also with four-color details that giv... View more info

Image for Carl Faberge: Goldsmith to the Imperial Court of Russia

Carl Faberge: Goldsmith to the Imperial Court of Russia

By: Snowman, A. Kenneth

Price: $16.56

Publisher: New York, NY, Greenwich House: 1982

Edition: Reprint

Seller ID: 004192

The author is the world's leading expert on Faberge'. For Faberge', gold was never just gold - it could be red or white or green - which delightful effects were created by contrasting the colors. Their work also included enameling and lapidary, not just for the Russian, but European and Far Eastern royal families. Not held back by technical or financial limitations, Faberge' was given free reign. His masterpieces include carvings of animals and flowers, boxes of every sh... View more info

The Fan: Fashion and Femininity Unfolded

By: Steele, Valerie

Price: $13.80

Publisher: New York, New York, U.S.A., Rizzoli Intl Pubns: 2002

Edition: No Edition

Seller ID: 002638

Fans have existed for at least five thousand years in cultures as diverse as ancient Egypt, India, and China. Arguably the most fascinating ornament in fashion, the fan has a deep and colorful history. This volume is a visual celebration of the fan through time, richly illustrated with art culled from the world's premier fan museums and private collections and with original photography. In an engaging overview of the fan throughout history, fashion curator Valerie Steele... View more info

Image for African Art Portfolio: an Illustrated Introduction Masterpieces from the Eleventh to the Twentieth Centuries/book and Portfolio

African Art Portfolio: an Illustrated Introduction Masterpieces from the Eleventh to the Twentieth Centuries/book and Portfolio

By: Thompson, Carol

Price: $18.40

Publisher: New York, New York, U. S. A., The New Press: 1993

Seller ID: 001301

How are African masks used? Why are the artists usually not identified when African sculpture is exhibited in the Western museums? These and other intriguing questions are explored in this handsome, full-color portfolio, designed to introduce newcomers to African art and aesthetics. In addition to twenty-four 81/2" x 11" unbound images, the African Art Portfolio comes with a twenty-four-page booklet that includes a brief introduction to African art and four short... View more info