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1 Kryza, Frank T The Race for Timbuktu: in Search of Africa's City of Gold
In the first decades of the 19th century, no place burned more brightly in the imagination of European geographers - and fortune hunters - than the lost city of Timbuktu. Africa's legendary City of Gold, not visited by Europeans since the Middle Ages, held the promise of wealth and fame for the first explorer to make it there. In 1824, the French Geograhical Society offered a cash prize to the first expedition from any nation to visit Timbuktu and return to tell the tale. Unwilling to trust in the slender chances of a lone explorer, the British sent several on their way. One of the contenders was Major Alexander Gordon Lang, a thirty-year-old army officer. Handsome and confident, he was confinced that Timbuktu was his destiny and his ticket to glory. Drawing on Laing's dynamic correspondence including passionate letters to his beloved Emma Warrington and gossip-laden official reports, this book follows Laing's arduous trek across an unforgiving Sahara, battling unpredictable elements, crippling illness, vicious attacks - and the clock - to be the first white man in centuries to reach the gates of Timbuktu. This book offers a close, personal look at the extraordinary people and privotal events of nineteenth-century African exploration that changed the course of history and the shape of the modern world. 322 pages with index and notes. Maps and other illustrations included. Black 1" remainder mark on the bottom. 6 1/4" x 9 1/4
New York, 2006, First Edition
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