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What is Natural? Coral Reef Crisis, Sapp, Jan
1 Sapp, Jan What is Natural? Coral Reef Crisis
During the late 1960s and 1970s, massive herds of poisonous crown-of-thorns starfish suddenly began to infest coral reef communities around the world, leaving in their wake devastation comparable to that of a burnt-out rain forest. Discussions of the causes and effects of the starfish plague involved virtually every environmental issue of our time: Overfishing, pesticide use, atomic testing, rain forest depletion, and overpopulation. While many marine scientists and environmentalists demanded that action be taken to stop the plagues, others maintained that the epidemic is a natural feature of coral-reef life, and ecological "balance of nature" that should not be tampered with. The starfish plagues are arguably one of the most mysterious ecological phenomena of the current time. Through the window of this singular even, this book lucidly illustrates the complexity of environmental issues while probing the most fundamental questions about the relationship between man and nature. 275 pp. , with index and endnotes. 6" x 9 1/4" tall
Oxford Univ. Press
New York, 2003, First Softcover Edition

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